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FLAGA offers various LPG products for households, so that you have a convenient and ready-to-use source of energy at your hands.


Gas tanks

We offer innovative solutions, excellent customer service and flexible settlements and payments. All this means that using AmariGas installations is sheer pleasure.

Gas cylinders

Gas cylinders

We offer a wide variety of gas cylinders including the only cylinder in Poland that can be connected without using any tools.



LPG is one of the cleanest-burning fuels hence provokes only low emissions. Find out more about why switching to LPG is an opportunity for our planet.

See what you can find in the Flaga offer

Our wide range of products means we can take care of you wherever you are.



  • For home and office
  • For farming and industries
  • Other applications


  • Cooking
  • Fork lifts
  • Other applications


Autogas is the most used alternative fuel worldwide and has been in use for decades.

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